What’s a “Smart Landscape”?

We all like the idea of stepping out into a perfect yard… but that takes a lot of effort. Mow. Blow. Water. Lights on. Drag stereo outside.

Exhausting, right?

Enter “Smart Landscapes,” new technology that keeps your yard ready to enjoy while saving you time and money. 

outdoor fireplace

What is a “smart landscape”?

These days, our entire homes are now at our fingertips. Our thermostats, lighting systems and audio are all controlled through WiFi or Bluetooth.

But for many of us… our landscape isn’t. 

Smart landscapes are exactly what they sound like — the same smart technology you’re using inside your home (and controlling with apps), but outside instead.

At Plants Creative, we’ve been slowly transitioning to offer more and more of this technology, because it aligns with our “why” as a company — to deepen our relationships with nature and each other through outdoor spaces!

There are four main aspects of a “smart landscape.” We’ve outlined them below!

outdoor walkway with ligths

1. Set the mood with a single click with smart lighting.

You know those lamps that turn on and off when you clap?

Imagine that, but instead of clapping, everything was set on your smartphone and you could control an entire outdoor lighting system however you pleased.

Well, with today’s systems, you can do that!

At Plants Creative, our smart lighting system from Coastal Source lets you keep the night going… and going. Plus…

  • They look great and blend into all landscape styles. The fixtures themselves are hardly noticeable… until you turn the lights on.
  • They save you energy. Low-voltage controllers and LED bulbs mean very little electricity is actually used to power the lights.
  • They’re durable & reliable, with an awesome warranty. Solid brass fixtures last a long time and with their patented design, Coastal Source lights are 100% sealed from the elements to keep out moisture, corrosion, debris and bugs. But best of all? They’re covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.
outdoor speaker

2. Experience life-like audio in your backyard with smart audio.

Outdoor speakers don’t have the best reputation. Either the sound isn’t comparable to indoor speakers, or they quickly became damaged due to weather, erosion and poor wiring.

Today, all that has changed! Audiophiles (we’re looking at you, vinyl record enthusiasts!) and casual listeners can finally share life-like audio with family and friends outside.

Through our partnership with Coastal Source you can now access a top-of-the-line, high-quality outdoor speaker system that offers unparalleled audio. And just like the lighting, it blends into your landscape and is easy to use.

If you want to geek out over the features, you can see the full range of speaker options here.

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3. Save water, time and money with Hydrate Smart Irrigation.

Smart irrigation systems “think for themselves” in a very basic way.

At Plants Creative, the Hydrate Smart Irrigation controllers we install all require a WiFi or cell signal connection. Through this connection, you can control them through your phone, tablet or desktop. 

Why upgrade to smart irrigation?

  • Use less water! — Your controller automatically adjusts how much water it uses based on your site’s weather conditions and soil moisture… optimizing your water use!
  • Find out how much water you’re using (and saving!) — Your controller’s app gives you access to all sorts of helpful data at the click of a mouse or tap of a finger. Most homeowners find they save up to 50% more water than a conventional system. With our Hydrate Smart Irrigation packages, we monitor everything for you, too, which leads us to our next benefit… 
  • Stop irrigation issues before they become problems. — Whether it’s defective pipes, faulty valve wires, or a broken sprinkler head, your system sends you — or your Irrigation manager — an alert. Fixing it is simple once you know the issue! (Note: High and low flow alerts — caused by things like broken heads, broken pipes, or stuck valves — can only be received if you add a flow sensor and master valve.)
  • Control your system from anywhere in the world. — If a major leak happens, your system will alert you (or us!) and can be shut off remotely. (Note: This feature is only available with the addition of a master valve and flow sensor on the system.)

You can choose a Weathermatic controller with your Hydrate package, which includes a range of benefits including a lifetime warranty.

Weathermatic also provides clean drinking water by drilling water wells in developing countries around the world. 

billy the automower

4. Get a perfect lawn with Billy, our small but mighty Husqvarna Automower!

Have you met Billy? “Billy” is what we’ve affectionately named our small but mighty Husqvarna Automower. 

He’s safe, silent and super-efficient.

  • He mows daily, leaving tiny grass clippings that naturally fertilize your lawn… meaning less synthetic fertilizer or weed control products.
  • He mows constantly, stopping unwanted weeds and mosses from putting down roots.
  • And he charges himself! So you never need to worry about filling up your mower with gas ever again. Or dealing with the noise of a conventional lawnmower.

We’ve already written at length about how Billy can improve your lawn’s health.

Ready to upgrade your landscape?

Whether it’s through audio, irrigation, lighting or Automowers, transitioning to smart technology in your landscape can give you significant savings in both time and money. And make that perfect yard ready to enjoy all year long!

To start upgrading, just reach out here.

P. S. Want to know more? Eric Barnes, our Hydrate Smart Irrigation Manager, and our owner Pam briefly explain what’s all included… and how you can upgrade yours below.

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