Automowers & Your Lawn

The image of a robot cutting your lawn sounds like something out of a futuristic movie, doesn’t it? It definitely doesn’t sound like something you could start using today. But the fact of the matter is that robotic lawn mowers — otherwise known as Automowers (autonomous mowers) — are here already! 

As part of our mission to lead the landscape industry, Plants Creative Landscapes is one of a select few companies in the country who is investing in this revolutionary technology. But this technology isn’t new. It’s been around in Europe for quite a while, and it’s starting to catch up here in America. 

There are many great benefits to this technology. It reduces the need for manual labor, keeps your grass at an even length and believe it or not… promotes healthier growth, which results in a greener lawn! 

Because this is a new technology to many of our customers, there are questions about using our Automowers on their property. These are some of them, answered: 

  • What’s all included with the Automower system? Basically, there are three parts: The mower itself, its charging station, and its boundary wire. The mower works inside an underground electronic fence that sends a “loop signal” from the charging station. When the mower gets close, it automatically turns around. Think of it like an electric fence for your dog — but for a lawnmower instead! 
  • How does it work? Your Automower will clip your yard gently — quarters of an inch at a time. These clippings will decompose quickly, allowing the soil to absorb nutrients. This not only fertilizes the lawn as it grows — it also keeps moss and weeds away. 
  • What needs to be installed? Installing the mower, charging station and wires take time. Our team installs the wire with a special machine that pushes the wire underground without damaging the grass above it. You’ll hardly know we were there once everything is set up! 
  • What parts of the system need to be maintained? Once your mower is installed, little needs to be done. It will work quietly and efficiently in the background. In fact, it almost completely eliminates the need for synthetic fertilizer and core aeration. 
  • How safe is a robotic mower? Your Automower is actually safer than a conventional lawnmower. When picked up, it automatically shuts off. It’s also designed to automatically turn around whenever it collides with anything. And it moves so slowly that it’s extremely unlikely to cause any damage. As for the blades? They’re designed to collapse into each other, preventing injuries to you, your children and your pets! 
  • How does it know where to go? Your mower will mow randomly, cutting the entire area of your lawn within a two-day span. When it senses a guide wire, it will automatically turn around. You can also create “islands” of wire around obstacles in your yard, such as trees, garden beds and hardscaping. For narrower passages, a “guide wire” can be placed through the passage so the mower always follows the same route through. 
  • How loud is it? Your Automower is so quiet that it can work through the night without disturbing you! 
  • Is it weather dependent? Rain or shine, night-time or daytime, your Automower can work no matter the weather. 
  • How does it charge? Your Automower will automatically make its way back to its charging station when it’s low on power. It takes about an hour to charge. Once charged, it leaves the station to get mowing again! 
  • Can I control when it cuts? With the free companion app for your phone, you can have total control of its working hours — or you can leave that to us! It can work only at night, or work while you’re away at the office — so you can use your lawn whenever you like. 
  • What if someone tries to steal it? A pin code protects from theft. An alarm goes off if the pin isn’t entered when the mower is stopped or picked up. If stolen, it’s useless, as it can’t be matched with another charging station. Most brands also blacklist their mowers if they’re stolen — no longer offering it support. Some even have a geofence so you can track your mower's location if it leaves your property! 
  • What if my yard has a lot of hills and obstacles? Your Automower can handle tough terrain — slopes, small holes and obstacles (like pinecones or fruits) aren’t an issue at all. In fact, it won’t chop through them like a regular mower would — so they can be cleaned up more easily. 

I hope this post answers your questions. If you do happen to have more, though, you can always reach out to us to ask. We’ve recently launched a new Automower Service as a property care add-on. Find out if your property is eligible and enjoy the benefits an Automower can bring today! 

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