CT Morgan

Horticulture Development Coach

Prior to joining Plants Creative, I was a Property Care Manager for six years locally. I've been in the landscape industry for over twenty years. My experience stretches in duties from landscape maintenance and installation tech, interiorscape tech, sales coordinator, freelance landscape designer and consultant, and even corporate administration/manager and designer for a small outfit in NW Atlanta. Before I took the leap into the gardening world officially I was in customer and vendor services for companies big and small, with my final lap in that world being at Home Shopping Network in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

I love the opportunity to work with such a vibrant, intelligent, and capable group. Beyond that, I love the problem-solving, when I get to hand the reigns to my inner Sherlock.

In my spare time, if I'm not outdoors hiking through the woods or jumping in a river in my free time, you're probably going to find me at my laptop hammering out words furiously towards what I hope will be at least one novel worth reading some day.

Plants Creative is proud to support Literary Action, CT's Charities for Birthdays choice, by making an annual donation on his behalf. They started teaching the impoverished and disenfranchised of Atlanta to read in the late 60s in honor of MLK Jr.'s mission and they haven't stopped since.

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