How Automowers Improve Your Lawn Health

Robotic lawn mowers, otherwise known as Automowers, are a revolutionary technology Plants Creative has started putting to good use in the past few years.

We’re so excited about this technology and want to share some of their amazing benefits with you. Below is a quick rundown of how they work and why we’ve started using them!

What is an Automower?

Husqvarna Automowers®, which we call “Billy” here at Plants Creative, are robotic lawn mowers that can think for themselves. In short, they get your lawn looking better than ever... without the hard work.

We’ve covered how they work and gone over some frequently asked questions in a previous blog post. You can also watch the video below to get a short overview!

Why use an Automower? Seven benefits.

This is what we really want to get to... the benefits! There’s a lot to cover.

  • Gives you a consistently beautiful turf. — If there’s one big benefit that we hear all the time from our customers, it’s that their lawn has never looked better! Billy never misses a spot and never leaves lines, track marks, or mud streaks. He’s a robot, which means you’re getting the precision of a well-oiled machine (without the oil, since he’s battery-powered). Billy charges himself and when he works, there are no emissions to be found. Once you try an Automower on your property, you won’t go back to regular lawn maintenance. Trust us!
  • Offers a safe lawn care option for kids and pets. — Billy automatically shuts off when picked up and turns around when he runs into anything. With special blades, a collision sensor, and a built-in alarm system, he’s safer than a conventional lawn mower. And he operates so gently that you, your children, and your pets can all move around your yard freely.
  • Improves your lawn’s health. — Billy’s small clippings fertilize the lawn, and his consistent cut keeps moss and weeds away. Since he clips your yard slowly and gently (quarters of an inch at a time), the clippings can decompose more quickly, allowing the soil to absorb nutrients.
  • Prevents noise and emissions pollution. — Billy is quieter than a conventional lawn mower, has a powerful battery, and charges himself! When working, he produces between 58 and 69 decibels of sound, which is quieter than a normal conversation. He also emits no carbon. According to the EPA, lawn & garden equipment account for nearly 12% of all nonroad CO2 emissions.
  • Lets you (and our crews) control when, where, and how he cuts. — Whether day or night, decide when Billy mows your lawn with the Automower Connect® app. Build a mowing schedule that’s convenient for your schedule!
  • Works no matter the weather. — Billy’s tough outer shell and waterproof body can withstand the elements, meaning a perfect lawn even when it rains. And if the rain gets really bad, your mower will sense it and head back to its charging station to prevent any damage to your turf. 
  • More efficient maintenance from our crews. — When our crews don’t have to mow lawns manually, they can dedicate their expertise and time to more niche jobs. When our maintenance customers opt for Billy, our team members instead spend their time on jobs that require more skill, like the careful pruning of plants, ornamental garden bed care, and applying fertilizer and weed control products.

Lastly, we think there’s also a bit of a “cool factor” to using an Automower on your lawn. It’s a great conversation piece when you’re entertaining friends outside, and your neighbors will appreciate how quiet it is!

Find out if an Automower is right for your property.

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to lawn care, but Billy is one of the best.

He’s just as meticulous as the Plants Creative team, but since he’s able to work 24/7, he can do an even better job.

Here’s what some recent customers had to say:

“Billy has been mowing our front lawn for two years. Our lawn has never looked better — thick, healthy and fewer weeds; as the mower is running frequently, seed heads don’t develop. It’s been fun watching the reactions of neighbors walking by, taking videos and pictures and we loved telling them about Billy. The landscape crew now has time to focus on pruning, edging and other maintenance, and our entire landscape shows it!”

— Mary Kay & Mark W.

As a company, our dream is to have Billy do most of the grass mowing, with the finishing touches completed by our team. It’s part of our commitment to bringing more environmentally-friendly and sustainable products and services to the landscaping industry. 

Maintenance customers can add Billy to any of our maintenance packages from as little as $100/month — ask us to find out more! You can also opt to buy an Automower directly from us, and our Husqvarna-certified professionals will install it for you.

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