How to Maintain Your Smart Irrigation System

Chances are you got an irrigation system because you have better things to do than lug a hose around the yard. But it doesn’t matter how terrific your irrigation system is — if you want it to keep your lawn and gardens green and healthy, it’ll need a little TLC.

Your irrigation system is a bit like your car.  To keep it running smoothly you need to monitor it and keep it maintained.

If you don’t maintain your brakes your car could crash. And if you fail to notice a broken pipe or detect a leak in your irrigation system your yard could become a soggy mess — or even worse, threaten the foundation of your home.

Here’s a few things we recommend you do to keep your irrigation system in tip-top shape.

1. Shut down your system for the winter.

Even though Georgia doesn’t get as frosty as our northern neighbors, we still have days cold enough to freeze the water in our irrigation systems. When the water freezes the pipes burst, causing all sorts of problems — such as pooling water, huge water bills and costly repairs to the pipes.

To shut down your system properly, you need to drain the water from the pipes. You can do an adequate job by shutting off the main water supply and running your sprinklers.

2. Adjust your sprinklers for optimal watering. 

Your sprinklers need to be adjusted from time to time to get the arc, spray pattern, and coverage that your yard needs — after all, you don’t want to end up watering your driveway or the neighbor’s lawn (although they would probably thank you!)

If you notice your yard is being watered unevenly — maybe you have puddles in your garden bed while sections of your lawn are brown and dry — your sprinkler heads need to be visually inspected. Here’s how to do it yourself, based on what our experts do.

  • Replace any sprinkler heads that are missing — Before you buy a replacement, make sure you have the right one. You can’t put a rotating sprinkler head on a stationary sprinkler. Remove the sod and dirt around the missing sprinkler head and dig down to where it screws into the system (make sure not to hit the water line!) Screw in the new head and replace the soil and sod.
  • Repair any damaged sprinklers — if the sprinkler is damaged, it needs to be replaced. The repair method is the same as for a missing sprinkler, except you have to unscrew the damaged one first. If it’s just clogged with dirt or other debris, just give it good cleaning.
  • Adjust any sprinklers that are off-kilter — sometimes your sprinkler may have just been bumped, so all that’s necessary is to adjust it so it’s spraying in the proper direction. If there’s a screw in the center of your sprinkler head, all you need to adjust it is a flat-head screwdriver.

If it all seems too much…

When you add monitoring your system to all the maintenance requirements it can start to feel like a bit of a hassle — exactly what you wanted to avoid in the first place.

Fortunately, you don’t have to put in all the time and effort required to monitor and maintain your irrigation system — we can do that for you!

Our Hydrate Smart Irrigation packages keep your lawns and gardens healthy and vibrant while optimizing your water use — and depending on which package you choose, all you have to do is enjoy your yard.

Here are some of the benefits of our Hydrate program:

  • A spring audit of your system, including spray nozzle and filter replacements as needed. You can rest easy knowing your irrigation system is ready to go!
  • Regular maintenance throughout the season, including sprinkler adjustments, repair and replacement. This could save you hundreds of dollars over time — if you paid individually for just a few repairs it can really add up!
  • Winter shut-down of your system. This is imperative to prevent ice from forming in your lines when the weather turns frosty. If a burst pipe goes undetected it can cause serious damage to your landscape and possibly your home (depending on where the break is).

And if you add a Weathermatic Smartlink Controller (with a lifetime replacement guarantee) the Hydrate team at Plants Creative will take care of the monitoring for you. 

This controller has a built-in leak detection feature which automatically shuts down your system so you never have to worry about water spilling out and ruining your yard or damaging your home.

And because it uses smart technology — so you always use the right amount of water and not a drop more — it can save you up to 38% on your water bills!

By properly maintaining your irrigation system you’ll save yourself a world of headaches down the line — whether you team up with us or do it yourself. 

Want some help?

If you’d like some help maintaining and monitoring your irrigation system — or you’re thinking of installing a new irrigation system or updating your current system — we’d love to hear from you.

Just give us a call or fill out our online form and we’ll find a package that’s right for you.

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