How To Choose The Best Fire Pit For Your Outdoor Space

Are you looking for a focal point in your backyard, where you can easily get away from the hustle and bustle of life and spend time with the people you value the most? A custom-built fire pit just might be the answer!

Fire pits are versatile, cost-effective, and minimal. They can also fit nicely in just about any sized backyard because of their compact and circular nature making them a go-to landscape enhancement project for people just getting started. 

With any landscape design project, there are a few things to consider before breaking ground. We’ve compiled a short list below to help you choose the best fire pit for your outdoor space.

1. Natural Gas vs. Wood-Burning

First thing’s first is ambiance. If you’re looking to recreate those camping experiences, a traditional wood-burning fire pit would be your best choice. With this option, you’ll curate the special ambiance of the sound & smell of the wood burning, and we can’t forget the smoke and occasional sparks! If having the ability to cook is top on your list, a wood-burning fire pit is perfect for roasting marshmallows!

If convenience is at the top of your list, we recommend a natural-gas fire pit because it’s easier to get the fire started as you can do it remote controlled or via a switch. This also means that you don't have to store wood material nearby, not to mention manually start the fire. Natural gas fire pits are however more expensive, since you will need to install a gas line. They also offer more aesthetic flexibility—you can decorate with different eye-catching colored glass shards, lava rock, or keep it natural with a log set topper.

2. Location

When choosing the location of your new fire pit make sure to pick a spot that is a safe distance from your home and combustible materials. You should also be aware of very low hanging tree limbs. Depending on the ambiance you’d like, you can incorporate a fire pit into an existing entertainment space or set it apart to create a more intimate retreat space in your landscape.

3. Seating

Fire pits allow the flexibility of using additional chairs or built-in seating to host your guests or family members. Built-in seating is a great option for when space is limited in your outdoor space as it allows you to maximize how many people can sit around the fire and enjoy.

4. Style

Fire pits are traditionally circular, however the square-shaped style has been something that many people have gravitated towards. If you have a modern aesthetic and the required space, a rectangular shape is a great option for a space like that. There are various finishes to choose from—you can do natural stone finishes or something more sleek to match everyone's finish style.

No matter what type of landscape you have, adding a fire pit is a great way to create a warm and cozy gathering place for you to enjoy with your friends, family, or even by yourself.

We love helping clients understand their options and helping them choose what’s best. Interested in learning more about build time, build cost, and entertainment options for a custom-built fire pit? Check out our FAQ video below.

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