Plants Creative Landscapes Launches Electric Equipment Initiative

Decatur-based landscaping company to cut carbon emissions with truck-mounted solar panel cells and battery-powered electric tools

June 27, 2019


ATLANTA — Plants Creative Landscapes, a full-service landscaping company in Decatur, GA, is launching a new electric equipment initiative this summer. By outfitting their trucks with rooftop solar panels, and using these panels to power lithium-ion batteries inside each truck, solar energy is harnessed for use with environmentally-friendly electric equipment.

“Launching this initiative is a direct response to our customers,” said Pam Dooley, owner of Plants Creative. “We surveyed them to gauge their interest and received a unanimous response. Every single customer wanted to see quieter, more environmentally-friendly equipment on their properties.” The initiative is starting with a single truck prototype ready for daily use on July 1, 2019. Dooley plans to have a second truck ready by the end of the third quarter. 

There are two major, research-backed benefits of switching over to this new system.

  • Electric-powered equipment will reduce the company’s CO2 emissions. Since the equipment emits zero carbon, it will drastically reduce Plants Creatives’ environmental footprint. 
  • Electric-powered equipment will reduce noise pollution by up to 28%. Gas lawn mowers tend to run at 90+ decibels, with electric mowers operating in between the 65- to 85-decibel range. Normal conversation rates at about 75 decibels on the scale. 

“Our goal is to slowly transition away from traditional gas-powered equipment and invest in more environmentally-friendly electric equipment,” said Dooley. “As with any initiative that creates real, lasting change, making this transition is a multi-year strategy, but we're excited to be taking steps in the right direction.”

Dooley partnered with Clint Dooley and Brandon Barker to develop this innovative system. Three panels are mounted on the top of each truck. Energy from these panels is transformed into power for lithium-ion batteries housed in chargers inside of the truck. These batteries power a line of state-of-the-art cordless electric equipment from EGO, including string trimmers, edgers, blowers and lawn mowers. The system can utilize multiple forms of electrical input to maintain optimal power levels in the batteries. The truck's primary source of energy is solar but it has technology in place to intelligently switch sources from either the truck's charging system or by plugging into a standard outlet. This combination of technology maintains optimal battery health when not in use, allowing for always-on power. 

Plants Creative is coupling the launch of this new electric equipment initiative with the launch of their groundbreaking Automower program, which will see gas lawnmowers replaced by robotic mowers on eligible properties. These autonomous mowers are even quieter than manual electric mowers and will help to drastically reduce the company’s environmental footprint.

About Plants Creative:

Plants Creative Landscapes is a full-service, award-winning landscaping company committed to creating and maintaining uniquely beautiful, multi-functional landscapes in the Greater Atlanta region. Their designs and service have been recognized at both local and estate levels. For more information, visit

For press inquiries, please contact:
Pam Dooley, Owner, Plants Creative Landscapes
[email protected]


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