Common Questions About Winter Landscaping in Georgia

As autumn transitions to winter, many of our customers ask us questions about how to best care for their landscape. Many of us view winter as a cold, inhospitable season that is hard on plants. But this is hardly the case!

With that in mind, I sat down with Penny Roach, one of our Maintenance Account Managers — and one of Plants Creative’s gardening experts — to discuss some of the big questions people have about landscaping in the winter.

Here’s what she told me...

  • What should I do with my bulbs? — October is a great time to plant spring-flowering bulbs like daffodils. Moving into November, any delicate bulbs — such as elephant ear bulbs or dahlia bulbs — that would die through the winter should be dug up and moved inside. I recommend moving these dug up bulbs into a planting container that will keep the bulb dry through the winter.
  • What about the potted plants I have on the porch? — Container plants are wonderful ways to brighten up porches, decks and patios! If you have tender houseplants that are outside during the warmer seasons, start by transitioning them to shady areas before moving them indoors. This way, they’ll be more prepared for the lack of sunlight and climate shock they’ll receive once you move them. This also prevents leaf drop once inside.
  • What about the garden beds that are starting to look a little crowded? — Use the early winter to divide spring-flowering annuals like daylilies, irises, and peonies. For the gardening novices out there, dividing plants is exactly what it sounds like: splitting them into multiple plants and replanting them in new areas. If you have too many divided plants, throw the extra into the compost! Dividing will prevent overcrowding in your garden beds.
  • What trees and shrubs should I prune? — Pruning is the best way to shape and control the growth of the larger plants in your landscape. Outside of trees, rose and hydrangea bushes are two other plants I commonly prune. While it’s tempting to prune in the fall, late winter is actually the best time, as many plants are dormant.
  • What plants grow well during the winter in Georgia? — Plant pansies in October or November so they can get established, develop root systems, and grow all winter long! Other great winter plants include ornamentals like kale, mustard and chard as well as winter vegetables like lettuce, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

If you have more questions about winter landscaping, or you think we may have missed some in this post, feel free to drop us a line and let us know!

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