Accenting Your Landscape With Seasonal Plantings

You’ve done it. You’ve worked with a landscaping company to design and implement the property of your dreams. 

There are now wonderful pathways to walk along, a patio to sit back and relax on, and wonderful gardens full of flowers to stop and smell. But now that the most difficult part — the design and build stage — is done, how can you keep your landscape fresh and exciting? Even with regular upkeep, you might find yourself thinking that your landscape could use a bit of an upgrade. With that in mind, here are some ideas on how you can use seasonal flowers and plantings to bring some life back to your landscape!

Seasonal plantings don’t have to be complicated, and they allow you to keep color in your yard year-round. Simply speaking, it’s the installation of annuals in the spring and fall, with inspiration taken from the season. Here are some ideas you can use in spring and fall!

  • Spring: Spring is a natural time to start thinking about landscaping. After a long, chilly winter, the weather is starting to warm up, which means you can do a lot more with your property. In the springtime, it’s best to plant flowers that will thrive in the oncoming heat of the summer. Flowers I like to use in the springtime include bright red whopper begonias, caladiums (otherwise known as elephant ears), white and dainty hip hop euphorbia, trailing scaevola, continuously blooming sunpatiens and classic petunias.
  • Fall: When it comes to seasonal displays, autumn is the star of the show. It’s harvest time, which means it’s time to celebrate the year’s crops! During the fall, you can include plants like decorative kale and chard, mustard flowers, violas (also known as violets) and sweet-smelling pansies.

Seasonal color is a great way to dress up the exterior of a home to reflect the time of the year — and have fun doing it. Adding special flower installations can accent and improve the colors and textures of what’s already in place. The right display can evoke feelings of excitement in a unique way. If you like the sounds of what you’re reading, but aren’t quite sure how best to implement it, you can always ask us to do it — we’re happy to help.

Along with our seasonal installations, we also offer flower maintenance packages specifically for each season. These packages include fertilization as well as dead flower and mulch replacement — reinvigorating your garden as the earth begins another chapter in its annual rhythm. Give us a call if you’d like to hear more about it!

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