Coastal Source Smart Lighting

For the nights you wish would never end.

Smart landscape lighting from Coastal Source keeps the perfect night going as long as you want.
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Keep the night going… and going!

Professional landscape lighting sets the night’s mood and lets you keep those unforgettable nights alive as long as you want. With Plants Creative, you can access landscape lighting from Coastal Source that’s easy to use, complements your landscape and saves electricity.

Set the stage for memories.

Transform your garden into a gathering place for friends and family. No need to be limited by daylight. Smart lighting lets you and your loved ones enjoy being outside all night long — without even thinking about turning the lights on.

Reliable, durable and beautiful.

Coastal Source light fixtures are made from solid brass — making them highly reliable and durable. They’re also 100% sealed from the elements to keep out moisture, corrosion, debris and bugs. But best of all? They’ve covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Light up your landscape!

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