Coastal Source Smart Audio

Experience life-like audio in your own backyard.

Smart outdoor audio systems from Coastal Source that sound as good as they look.
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Incredible outdoor sound at your fingertips.

For decades, most outdoor speakers didn’t look or sound all that great. Not anymore. Audiophiles and casual listeners can finally share life-like audio with friends and family outside, with a little help from Plants Creative Landscapes and Coastal Source.

Blends right into your existing landscape.

Allow the Plants Creative Smart Landscape experts to design and install a smart audio system from Coastal Source that blends into your landscape, is easy to use and sounds so good. There’s a downside, though — you’ll never want to go back inside!

Features that are music to your ears.

We could bore you by listing out features (there’s lots!) but you’d be better off hearing it for yourself. Here’s a hint: it’ll sound like a full band is right there in your yard. Who said beautiful sound needs to be confined to your home? Bring it outside!

Press play!

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