Popular Landscape Design Styles

Landscape design is just like any other type of design — it’s a field that requires creativity. Designers are artists, and each has their own style and flair. Think about some of the most well-known artists and paintings in our world. Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night holds dramatic and bold swirls. Leonardo Da Vinci’s enigmatic Mona Lisa portrait. The clarity of approach in Grant Wood’s American Gothic. Each of these artists brought their own interpretation to the paintings they created.

Landscape design is no different. At Plants Creative, our talented team of designers take the work that clients ask them to do seriously. When it comes to the landscapes that we design for clients, there is no predominant landscape style. It’s all based on the architecture of the home and what the client is looking for!

So what are some examples of landscape styles? Here is an overview of three styles I see nearly every day.

  • Modern: Modern landscape design is just like the architectural style, which means it’s minimal, clean, and full of straight lines. There are often sharp corners and hard edges for contrast. Incorporating a philosophy or simplicity and minimalism, modern landscapes are all about the removal of unnecessary details — the old adage “less is more” is very true here! Form follows function, meaning that the landscape should be shaped based on its intended function or purpose. This means less ornamental plants or trees, and functional hardscapes build based on planned use.
  • Rustic: The best phrase to describe rustic landscapes is “organized chaos”. The word “rustic” means “rural”, or “from the country” — think natural and wild. Rustic landscapes usually include edible gardens and wildflower gardens. These landscapes are more relaxed, using native plants and textured shrubs that reflect the randomness already present in nature. Hardscapes are curvier and should encourage wandering and slowing down.
  • Formal: Formal landscapes are exactly as they sound — prim and proper! These landscapes are trimmed, manicured, and meant to look clean and presentable. Many include boxwood hedges, fountains and sometimes even sculptures. Typically, there is a clear structure in place, with a symmetrical layout that includes geometric shapes. Allées, or avenues, which are driveways or pathways with lines of trees and shrubs on each side, can be found on larger properties.

While these three styles all have different aesthetic goals, they are all aligned with a single purpose — to create a beautiful landscape that can be enjoyed. At Plants, we take this to heart, and work directly with clients, taking an empathetic approach from the start. Our landscape styling is client-specific. For instance, a recent client remodeled their house to a more modern look, and so the landscape we’re designing and building with them will mimic architectural style of the house. Our goal is to create landscapes that fit our client’s needs, not surpass them based on a style we prefer. Instead, we’ll give you recommendations based on what we think is best for you and your property! If you like that sound of that, give us a call and let’s chat

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